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Manager Ian Jenkins
Ian Jenkins

Magnificent Quality

. Well im still running the batteries that you sent.. I havnt even needed to charge them yet !!! Thats 2 and a bit months in the gps.... They are magnificent quality... Cheers ...Janos

Best Rechargeables

. Received the pack today and used at once, best rechargeable kit ever. Cheers!
- Lee

Excelent Service

. These batt are AWESOME I've used them all day took 85 shots with flash in digital cam with thier first charge and they are still going it would have cost me at least 4 sets of alkaline batt to do the same. BTW great guy to deal with exelent service top stuff look forward to do further trade.
A1 Thanks again ...Edwin

Thoroughly Recommended

. Ian is to be thoroughly recommended. His patient replies to my many questions, and excellent service can not be overstated. His batteries are bloody good too, and for an *intelligent* charger, his Maha product is best value for money around!

Product Brilliant

Service fast - product brilliant. Alkalines took 200 photos - these 500 and not yet flat . ...Rod

Pricing is Awesum

For the MAHA Ni-MH (commonly regarded as the best) batteries & Chargers I reccomend this guy:
Everyone I know has been more than happy with the product and his service, pricing is awesum too....Neil

Very Happy

I bought the charger above a month or so ago and am very happy with it. It allows fast-charge or slower (battery preserving) charging and it runs on 12V in the car (or from my solar charger) ...Ian


So far I'm most impressed by your online business. Your service last time was most prompt, and your batteries really do seem to pack a lot more punch than the average ones. Now if only you could find a way to stop me from losing mine all the time...Phil

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