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Ecobatteries Manager Ian Jenkins

Ian Jenkins

Redesigned from the ground up, the Maha battery charger MH-C204W offers the convenience of a faster charging time and a conditioning feature that lets you revive your old batteries.

Its also a lightweight charger with an universal power supply built into it.

Finally a charger that fits in a digital camera bag!

The Maha PowerEx MH-C204W One Hour Worldwide charger can be used internationally without the need of a power brick. An integrated 100-240V 50/60Hz worldwide switching adapter is built into the charger and comes with an interchangeable AC cord.
The MH-C204W has an integrated battery conditioner to rescue old and degraded NiMH batteries by applying high current pulses.

The MH-C204W has four unique charging phases.

  • The startup charge delivers a smooth ramp-up of current when the batteries are inserted.
  • The rapid charge is a pulsed high current.
  • The top-off charge is applied for two hours after the completion of the charge to ensure that batteries are topped off to their maximum capacity.
  • The low rate pulse maintenance charge and the microprocessor driven negative Delta V, Zero Delta V temperature termination system ensure complete charging. even when the batteries are left in the charger for extended periods of time.
  • Built in Universal Power Supply
  • One Hour Recharging Time
  • Weighs only 4 oz.
  • Revives and Conditions Batteries
  • No Power Brick


  • 4 x Maha 2700 mAh Ultra High Capacity NiMH AA rechargeable batteries.

Maha MH-C204W NiMH charger and 4 2700mAh AA batteries

Maha MH-C204W charger and 4 Maha AA 2700 mAh batteries


Maha MH-C204W NiMH charger and 4 2500mAh AA batteries

Maha MH-C204W charger


Read what overseas web sites say about it.

"The Maha battery charger MH-C204W charger takes the "top spot" as Imaging-Resource's favorite charger." Imaging Resources.

Imaging Resource            Thomas Distributing            Best Foto

Maha battery charger revives old batteries

Has a battery conditioning feature to bring dead batteries back to life Batteries need to be conditioned from time to time so that they can continue to produce maximum performance. Batteries that were ready for the recycle bin may be brought back to full life.

Dual Charging:

The intelligent Maha battery charger MH-C204W features two independent banks, able to perform different functions simultaneously This means you can charge two unique sets of two batteries. You can put two NiMH AA in one bank and two Nimh AAA in the other bank. IT'S LIKE HAVING TWO BATTERY CHARGERS in one!

Maha MH-C204W Battery Chargers : Features & Specifications

  • Charges either "AA" or "AAA " size NiMH rechargeable battery cells.
  • Charger is World Voltage Capable with built in Power Supply - (Includes simple AC Power Cord for operation)
  • Ultra Lightweight - charger weighs about 4 oz. ( 7.5 oz. with AC Power Cored)
  • Built-in Microprocessor controller with Trickle Charge
  • Built-in Conditioner for Rejuvenating your NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Selectable Conditioning Cycle. Use only when needed.
  • Two or Four Cell Battery Charging - Charge Time: about 60 Minutes (1 Hr) when charging 2 batteries - about 120 minutes (2 Hr) when charging 4 batteries.
  • Two independent charging and discharging circuits
  • Fully recharges high capacity NiMH batteries, regardless of the batteries capacity and will recharge even the higher capacity NiMH batteries of the future.
  • Capable of simultaneous charging and/or discharging. -deltaV, zero deltaV, and temperature termination.
  • 'AA' Battery Charge Current : Full 2.0A charge current (2000mA)
  • 'AAA' Battery Charge Current 0.7A ( 700mA)
  • Trickle Charge Current : 50mA
  • Discharge Current : 0.4A (400mA)
  • Current Sensing IC switches to Normal Charge Cycle after Conditioning
  • AC Power Input 100V ~240V AC ~50/60Hz 0.15A (150mA) - About 12 Watts

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